Economic Development

Digital Lead Generation

We Provide you meaningful interactions and direct contact with C-level executives of expanding/relocating companies matched as right fit for your community.

Digital marketing — websites, virtual events, and email — has soared in the wake of the cancellation of trade shows and aggressive marketing tactics to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In this present-day world, economic developers need to embrace a digital strategy to reach foreign companies seeking a US destination.

Our team uses a combination of proven public relations and marketing strategies to influence decision-makers and shape perceptions. We specialize in creating tailored communication campaigns that put your community on the map!

We do direct marketing to domestic and foreign companies and schedule and arrange virtual meetings with those considering a presence in the US and are willing to consider your location.

We also convey your message to Site Selectors, Foreign Chambers of Commerce with Offices in the US International Trade Organizations Located in the US, and Foreign Chambers of Commerce Exhibiting at Industry Trade Shows.

Our investment attraction strategy includes engaging with and cultivating relationships with corporate location decision-makers and C-suite business executives in foreign and domestic companies to increase their awareness of your region.