We are a small team of consultants that provide affordable solutions that position communities for long-term economic success. Our objective is to deliver the most-effective strategies and solutions that lead to investment attraction.

Competition for investment is intense! Therefore, Identifying the right target companies and approaching them effectively is essential for successful investment attraction. We can help determine the target sectors and types of companies that represent the greatest potential for your location to attract investment.

“Businesses looking to attract and retain the best employees need to make strategic decisions not just about who they hire, but where. That means setting up operations in cities and towns where top talent is most likely want to live, work and play.” CBRE

We offer strategic services, such as our “Boots on the Ground” site visits, where we take an in-depth look at your community to assess areas of opportunity, determine assets and develop the most strategic program to attract global investment. Below are the key services we offer.

Digital Lead Generation

Adaptive Website Design

Quality of Place Evaluation

Target Industry Analysis

SWOT Analysis